Konstantin Ernst settled the conflict with Alla Pugacheva

Константин Эрнст уладил конфликт с Аллой Пугачевой The General Director of the First channel corrected an unfortunate misunderstanding. Alla Pugacheva was outraged when I saw the announcement of the upcoming program, which called her show and she did not remain silent. Just a couple of hours she thanked Konstantin Ernst for understanding.
Константин Эрнст уладил конфликт с Аллой Пугачевой

Alla Pugacheva was furious that on the First channel there was the announcement of the upcoming program broadcast one of the evenings of the festival “the Heat” was called the concert of the prima Donna. She did not tolerate this attitude and felt that such statements lead the audience astray. The fact that one of the days at the festival in Baku, the musicians performed the song Pugacheva, and the artist appeared only in the end of the evening. The guests were thrilled that we were able to see their favorite singer on stage.

“Another setup! Why declare “the Concert of Alla Pugacheva” if I sing only a few songs in the final concert. A disgrace!” – wrote the pop star on Twitter.

Apparently, the representatives of the First channel promptly responded to a complaint of Alla, and hastened to correct the misunderstanding. Pugacheva thanked the Director General of the TV channel. She also said that in the coming weekend viewers will see the broadcast of the concert. The festival involved talented performers.

“Thanks to the First channel! Thanks to Konstantin Ernst for understanding and correction of the announcement of the concert. Looking forward to this gorgeous song evening with the participation of the class of singers, and I’m in the pink” – said a little later, Joe.

Fans of the Diva were relieved that an unpleasant situation was decided in her favor. They are looking forward to the weekend to see Dolly parton on the screen. “Alia, you are always above the circumstances”, “Alla! You are our everything! Love and welcome!”, “Hurrah! As well, there were understanding people. Alla, you are very shy,” wrote the followers of the artist.

In order to appear in speech in Azerbaijan, Pugacheva had to sacrifice some principles. Fans know that Alla Borisovna moves only on land transport and avoid aircraft. However, in the summer she still went to Baku by air. Emin Agalarov, who was one of the organizers of the event, had great difficulty to persuade the prima Donna. Alla Pugacheva was persuaded to change to a private plane

“A few months ago came to the castle and played with the children and then invited Alla in Baku, – said Emin. – At first to my suggestion Alla are not treated very seriously. And then when I sat down at the table, blurted out: “Alla Borisovna, save! Do not let fall in a thorny Bush”.