Alsou makes a seriously ill child

Алсу спасает тяжелобольного ребенка The singer responded to a request by the unknown woman. Representatives Alsu contacted the family Saidov, whose seven-month daughter Maria suffers from a serious illness. The artist helped the relatives of the baby, which needs urgent surgery.
Алсу спасает тяжелобольного ребенка

On the misfortune in the family Saidov famous artist learned from the Internet. The spouses Marina and Rustam literally has one tragedy after another. Three years ago they lost a son due to a terrible disease, and recently it turned out that their seven-month-old daughter Masha to the same diagnosis of osteopetrosis: girls bones brittle, putting pressure on vital organs.

Now the parents of a little girl raising money for an urgent operation abroad until mid September, required 4.5 million rubles.

“Helpers Alsu at her request, contacted our organization, – said the “StarHit” the Fund “Artemka”. – Clarified the accuracy of the information, and then the singer listed a few hundred thousand rubles at the expense of girls. Promised to follow her destiny.”

Marina Saidova, a mother of Masha, still doesn’t believe that a celebrity responded to their trouble. The woman says that her daughter will go for treatment abroad.

“Nice to know that the star has lent us a helping hand, – says the woman. – Masha waiting for in an Israeli hospital Hadassah. We have already passed the examination, met with doctors. The bones in the body my daughter has damaged the optic nerve, she can’t see. Also hurt the hearing, there is a possibility that the baby may become deaf. To cure my child need a bone marrow transplant. Requires just one operation, I hope it will be successful!”

Recall that the singer Alsu has been a long time engaged in charity. The singer and her father are the founders of the Foundation “Joy” of helping to rebuild schools and hospitals, to build mosques and churches, as well as providing support to poor people.

In July 2011, Alsou was awarded the title “Artist for peace” that was given to her “in recognition of her active work for the benefit of the most vulnerable groups of the population, for the charity event in the name of development children, and a commitment to the ideals and objectives of UNESCO.” The actress admitted to journalists that it is very glad to such appreciation of their work.

A celebrity not only participates in charity events, but also tries to involve their heirs in good works. So, once daughter Alsu came on the scene at the ball of flowers, which helped raise funds for treatment of seriously ill children. The result on the desired trust Fund “to Be together” managed to raise more than 800 thousand rubles.


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