Konchalovsky told about the relationship with Tolkalina after divorce

Кончаловский рассказал об отношениях с Толкалиной после развода
The Director said that seeing his ex-wife through the day.

Lyubov Tolkalina and Egor Konchalovskiy

Photo: “7 Days”

Marriage Yegor Konchalovsky and love Tolkalina,
which lasted 20 years, was completed in January 2017 in divorce. Director
met another woman lawyer Mary, and they had a child. Actress
attributed an affair with rock legend Boris Grebenshchikov. But, as it turned out
the Studio of “the Destiny of man”, Konchalovsky and Tolkalina managed
to maintain a great relationship.

Egor admitted leading transmission Boris Korchevnikov,
he was in love with Tolkalina and still she very much likes him, they just
the story is over. “We now are in a good relationship. We live in
the neighbouring apartments, so see you in a day,” says Konchalovsky, emphasizing
that constantly communicates with his eldest daughter. Maria, incidentally, was the godmother
son Konchalovsky, born in his new family.

At the same time, Egor is in no hurry to prepare for the new wedding.
Although admits this development. “Now we are just getting to know each other
get along together,” said the Director.