Anna Semenovich showed strong rear

Анна Семенович показала крепкий тыл
Not all fans took a candid photo of the singer in a positive way.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: Instagram

Candid photo of Anna Semenovich,
which she shared with the subscribers of the microblogging caused quite the reaction,
which was expected, star. On the published picture shows the singer lying on the sofa
in sexy black Lacy lingerie, exposing her firm buttocks.

“Sometimes you just want to sleep… Peaceful
night, darlings”, — has signed a frame Anna. Favorite immediately woke up and jumped
a star with angry comments. “Bare butt! The horror! Disgrace! What lean-it
such? This often happens to women: if your Breasts are big, little ass! As you
not a shame, you would have another place revealed! It will be difficult to sleep after
seen”. There were those who accused Anna of excessive use
of retouching. However, men are blessed with seen, had had enough too.

By the way, not so long ago the star told honestly how she managed to lose weight so cool. It turns out that the singer asked for help in one of the Moscow clinics. After studying the problem of the stars, the experts came to the conclusion that it will help the procedure called “alloplastic” is the manual liposuction, that is, subcutaneous fat is removed through a unique massage technique.

“It’s a real beauty-opening for me, — says the mayor. — Aromaplastie is a safe alternative to surgical liposuction, is done only by hands! Correction for the most common problem areas that all, without exception, pay attention. The procedure went well for me given the overly active lifestyle. No rehabilitation, anesthesia and no stitches, but good for health and perfect figure, which dreams of each. Hermoplastic improves lymphatic drainage, stimulates the removal of toxins, and the effect persists.”