Kobzon openly declared performances Rotaru phonogram

Кобзон открыто заявил о выступлениях Ротару под фонограмму The famous actor told about the preparation for the 80th anniversary. At the concert, which will take place on 20 September at the Kremlin Palace singer congratulate a star. He shared his thoughts about the complexities of the profession and the respect of colleagues on stage for live acts .
Кобзон открыто заявил о выступлениях Ротару под фонограмму

Joseph Kobzon 11 September will mark the big anniversary. In honor of the 80th anniversary of the artist will arrange a large-scale concert in the Kremlin Palace. On the stage will perform Grigory Leps, Valery Meladze, Nadezhda Babkina and many others.

Joseph was no secret that preparation for the event takes a lot of effort. On the eve of the anniversary of the actor gave a Frank interview in which he told about his attitude to the track.

“I often sang to pre-recorded sound. But only when required by specifications performance. For example, the soundtrack of need when writing on television, is almost always necessary when speaking on the stage of the Kremlin Palace. When an artist records a song, he is in a physical and moral condition. Repeat this as impossible,” – shares his thoughts Joseph Davidovich.

The singer admits that the act under pre-recorded audio track very difficult. Often artists can’t capture the mood of the composition, making them work on stage from the side may not look natural.

However, some stars manage to adapt performance. So, Iosif Kobzon noted the incredible skills of Sofia Rotaru in this area.

“Master of singing under a soundtrack – Sleepyhead Rotaru. She brilliantly gets to a previously recorded song will stand beside you, but never know what she sings under the “plus” – says the artist.

Fans of Sofia Mikhailovna has reacted ambiguously to the statement of Joseph Davidovich. Many of them believe that Rotaru performs the sound recording only on the rarest of occasions, because she has a phenomenal voice and is able to do without “plus”.

Kobzon himself admits that with great difficulty can sing to pre-recorded audio track. Especially hard the artist is given the performance of the song “The Russian field”. He believes that a song with such an emotional message could be heard only live, because it is incredibly emotional and deep.

The singer is convinced that musicians should be forewarned about the performance of the sound recording. “We have the law “On protection of consumer rights”. If the artist announces a concert that the audience buys the ticket and the poster with no instructions about the absence of live sound, such an artist should be judged,” said Joseph Davidovich in interview to the edition “Days.ru”.

The actor had previously criticized performances by “plus”, urging colleagues to the scene to abandon this practice.