The first issue of “Live” with Malakhov became a subject №1 in the Network

Первый выпуск «Прямого эфира» с Малаховым стал темой №1 в Сети Fans of TV presenter rave about the transmission. Celebrities and ordinary people watching on the eve of “live” with Andrey Malakhov agree that the program turned out to be extremely emotional and touching.

Friday night on the channel “Russia 1” showed perhaps the most anticipated program of summer – “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. The Central place in the transmission took the dialogue of the former and the new leading project of Boris Korchevnikov and Andrei Malakhov, which sounded a lot personal and even intimate. Andrey Malakhov called Boris Korchevnikov on straight talk

During a broadcast transmission in social networks began a heated discussion of what he saw, which continued on Saturday morning. About the updated “Live” to speak and the participants of the program, and those who enjoyed a talented show of sitting at the TV screens. First, second and unanimous – the programme was emotional and touching.

“Dear and beloved my friend Andrey Malakhov! Congratulations! Today the whole country is watching you “Live” on the “Russia 1″. And it was soulful and touching, just so you know, gently touch each heart! Because you are remarkably pure and honest, bright and professional! My dear subscribers, and you as the first broadcast?” – encouraged to share your opinions designer Emma Salimova.

Under her post was one of the first in favor of the singer Valeria. “Not looking, but everyone says it was a bomb!” – wrote a celebrity. “It was incredibly touching to tears. Bravo”, “Great! Two hours, one minute passed. Sure – a great future of this program”, “Look and was happy for the parents of Andrew and Boris that brought such a smart, thoughtful sons!” – discuss “live” viewers.

Among the guests of the program were many known people – pop stars, Opera singers, TV presenters. They advise their fans who failed to watch the “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV, find the transfer on the Internet.

“Andrey Malakhov did a wonderful program! It was very interesting and nice to be with him that day, along with all his friends! Boris korchevnikov opened for me with a very interesting hand,” – wrote in the microblog Opera singer, head of the Foundation named after P. I. Tchaikovsky Dmitry Galikhin.

“It was a great live! Not just broadcast, and theatrical performance! The conversation of the two best presenters in the country!” – gave his assessment of the lawyer Evgeny Thin.

“I saw the broadcast. Malprogramm escaped tears. If you do not looked – be sure to Google “Live” 25.08.2017 on the channel “Russia 1″. So touching and somehow in an unusual format”, – said the guest of the programme, the former participant of “House-2” Ekaterina Kolisnichenko.

Couldn’t stay away from the event actor and blogger Stas Sadalsky, which, as you know, everything has its own point of view. Contrary to expectations, this time he refrained from criticism, and only allowed himself to give advice to Korchevnikov Boris and Andrey Malakhov. Why my wife cried in the Studio “Live”

“Two big mistakes in the transmission of the leading “Live”. First. Never tell about your disease! When a man talks about his illness, he takes energy from the already sick, dead body. He becomes even more vulnerable, because not everyone who are you complaining about, you sympathize. Second. My famous teachers, pupils of Stanislavsky tirelessly repeated: “the Mystery of personal life must be hidden from prying eyes,” wrote Stas Sadalsky. In General, the actor wished both good luck and leading the implementation of their plans.