Кит Харрингтон избавился от бороды

What do you do, Jon snow? Actor kit Harrington, star of TV series “Game of Thrones” got rid of his beard. Recently the actor made his debut on the London stage playing Doctor Faustus”. On the page of fans of the whale on Twitter there were photos of Harrington in the new beardless manner, which now all discuss.

The shots of the artist not as brutal as his character from “Game of thrones”, but still nothing. Some of the fans suggested that the lack of a beard can be a sign that the hero Harrington again will be deprived of life in the film (tchutchuca). But for the most part fans of the actor are United in the opinion that with facial hair or without it – kit still beautiful.
We will remind that else recently in an interview Keith said that he doesn’t like that fans are paying too much attention to his appearance. Part in the popular HBO series brought him fame as a sex symbol, and now, as it turned out, it was very inconvenienced.
“I am more than a pretty face and cordasco, otherwise I long ago would have left this profession,” said Keith.

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