Named the cause of death of the Prince

Названа причина смерти Принса

A few hours ago, the coroner called the cause of the sudden death of legendary musician Prince. Composer and performer died from an overdose of opioid, which he took as a painkiller.

57-year-old musician took threatening his health and life Fentanyl dose, which doctor he was prescribed. At least now the doctor claims.
We will remind that earlier journalists reported that Prince for many years was addicted to the drug Percocet, which started to take in 2009 due to pain in the hip joint. But even after the surgery could not get rid of dependence. Since 2010, he tightly “sat down” for a pain reliever and only recently were determined to get rid of the dependence. Before his death he contacted a specialist clinic, where you had to go through a few days, but e managed.
We will remind that on April 21 the 57-year-old singer was discovered in the Elevator of his recording Studio with no signs of life. Now over 300 million state of the musician, in 2005, trapped in the Hall of fame rock-n-roll, will struggle with his extended family.

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