Группе «Ленинград» официально запретили ругаться матом

However, while only in Novosibirsk. The mayor has already threatened a fine artist.

It all started with the complaints of men who demanded to ban a performance at a concert in Novosibirsk the song “Peter – to drink.” Experience protests from activists great – last year they managed to cancel (!) in the same ice Palace of sports “Siberia” Marilyn Manson concert (read more HERE)…

This time to overturn the social worker shows failed, but the mayor still prigorody musicians with a finger. Like, not naughty, gentlemen, and I will pay you a ruble!

“I have signed the official warning to the group “Leningrad” about the need to comply with the legislation. It applies to the vocabulary, and extremist calls”, – told reporters the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot. And warned that law enforcement agencies are ready to take action if the concert something goes wrong.

In social networks already doing bet – slip on the concert mate or not. Most fans, by the way, are sure that the musician will ignore the appeal of the city administration. And no wonder! According to the law for obscene supposed to take the penalty from 2 to 2,5 thousand rubles. It is unlikely that the amount that the Cord leaves over Breakfast in a cafe, maybe to scare him.

On the other hand, the experience of “self-censorship” Sergei Shnurov already have! When Ivan Urgant called the band in the First channel with the megahit about the louboutins, in the lyrics of the song suddenly appeared “amazing trousers”. The Cord and he even said in his account Instagram, why not use a more obvious replacement for popular swear words – awesome.

In the meantime…

While around the Novosibirsk concert controversy erupted, it became known that the concert in Ufa canceled. There “Leningrad” was supposed to be June 14, but fans have already promised to return money for tickets.

According to official information, the concert will not take place in private circumstances affecting the group leader. The case is not relevant, but still interesting, what?!

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