Кит Харингтон для GQ Австралия о детях

Kit Harington, who became famous thanks to the popular TV series Game of Thrones, now is the picture of Xavier Dolan’s “the Death and life of John F. Donovan”. The actor on everyone’s lips, so GQ Australia presented on the magazine cover photo of a whale. In the room the actor has told about the future children in marriage with rose Leslie and about how Game of Thrones changed his life.

Кит Харингтон для GQ Австралия о детях

“We all were emotionally shattered after the shooting. Don’t know, we were crying from sadness due to the fact that it was all over, or just that damn tired. We hardly slept. I remember when it was over, many said, “I love this period in my life and I will be sad, but I’ve had enough”, – said the actor.

Once again, the actor thanked the show for meeting with his wife and even talked about future children! “I don’t know whether we will have children with rose, but imagine that it already happened. They will know. They will even be able to see how was born the relationship of their parents. Which, incidentally, is very fine.”

Recall that in anticipation of the latest season of Game of Thrones many. Who will take the iron throne and rule the kingdoms? Who will win — the walkers or the humans? The answer is already knows kit Harington, who plays in the TV series of the resurrected Jon snow! In April, his wife and former colleague on the set of rose Leslie finds out the ending, because the husband is not going to spoil the pleasure from last season: “the Spoilers have become part of my life and I always try to avoid them,” says Keith. “Me, rose and my friends now understand that I did not want to know the ending”.

Despite the perception of friends and his beloved wife, in the life of Keith’s many friends and acquaintances who will do anything to learn at least a little of the plot of the last season. especially friends of Harington want to know about someone who will sit on the iron throne. Some even directly ask, sit down Sam Harrington on the iron throne, but he categorically said: “no, No, and will not come close to this issue!”

Wedding star was in Scotland, the native country of the rose. The wedding was in the Church of Rayne in Aberdeenshire, which was attended by not only relatives of the newlyweds, but also many colleagues on the series: Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Peter Dinklage and other stars of the series.

Down the aisle the bride was led by a father in a kilt. “We are incredibly happy and excited that rose and kit are getting married today. This is a special day for us and for the whole of Aberdeenshire, because the wedding was attended by many local companies”, — said Sebastian Leslie.

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