Пэрис Джексон на прогулке с бойфрендом на фоне слухов о зависимости

Very recently, the media reported information that the legendary musician’s daughter Paris Jackson got into a rehabilitation center. No-one forced her — she herself decided to deal with dependencies with the help of professionals! However, then Paris herself denied the rumors and said that the media exaggerate, and recently the star noticed on a walk with her boyfriend! Spoiler: everything is perfect.

Пэрис Джексон на прогулке с бойфрендом на фоне слухов о зависимости

If the early media reports, it was reported that the parents accuse the boyfriend of the actress that he is at Paris addiction, Janet Jackson denies all behind the scenes. Serenely she appears in public with boyfriend Gabriel Glenn, which performs at music concerts. Paparazzi noticed lovers on a walk through the streets of Los Angeles. it looks great, holds the boy by the hand and about something animatedly with him promised. Apparently, the false reports in the media and even the premiere of the film about her father Michael Jackson at Sundance Film Festival, where he was accused of pedophilia, has no effect on her mood.

Recall, when it was reported in the media, Paris immediately wrote a statement in instagram: “the media, as usual, all exaggerated. Yeah, I took a break from work, social networking and communication via the phone, as sometimes this can really become too much in life. Everyone deserves a break. But I’m happy and healthy and feel better than ever! We have Gabriel has new music, which we want to share with you. I hope that the new year started you of love, light, and all the best. I will be back soon!” — she wrote.

As reported earlier editions, Paris had to go to a rehab facility for “emotional state”. Star is tired of the constant attention and work, so I decided to take a break and relax, while adjusting the mental and physical health. Meanwhile, the publication Radar Online reported that the reason was not just fatigue, and alcoholism. The young girl already had problems with drugs and even wanted to commit suicide.

“After a hard year of work, Paris decided that she needed some rest, to reboot. Her physical and emotional state for her is now a priority. She went to the clinic and become a patient. She hoped that there would help her with her problems and make a plan of treatment,” reported by Western media.

From December 14 the star does not hold positions in social networks. Perhaps the model Christmas spent away from home. Where now Paris is not known. I hope the star will soon recover.

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