Виктория Бекхэм запретила Бруклину встречаться с Ритой Орой

Despite the fact that Brooklyn Beckham, the son of the famous star couple Victoria and David, only 19 years old, he had already amassed fame womanizer. After breaking up with actress Chloe Moretz, Brooklyn started changing girls like a glove. The media did not have time to notify about the new date with another model and this time I remembered about the relationship with 28-year-old Rita Ora. Mom was against it!

In 2017, Brooklyn fell in love with Rita. Confirmation of this was their trip to the café, which is captured by the paparazzi. it turns out that Brooklyn has made acquaintance with the star through mutual friends. In the end, a romantic relationship between the stars is not fastened: Rita had asked Brooklyn to be friends.

The romantic relationship of the couple was not destined to happen: Victoria were against it! After meeting with the singer Vicky categorically said “No” and sent his son to live in new York, away from his beloved. “Vicky saw a few messages exchanged between Brooklyn and Rita. She didn’t want the boy baffled and was determined in the negative. David and Victoria did not approve of this relationship”. Vicki was against such a large age difference, but David was furious! Well, at least present the girl Bruskina — 21-year-old Hanna Cross parents approve.

We will remind, for the First time with current girlfriend Brooklyn noticed after award of the British Fashion Awards in London. The couple has already officially confirmed the relationship, holding a joint photo in instagram.

But the most celebrated relationship was Beckham with Chloe Moretz. She was disappointed in the men and went into the women’s arms. The news that Chloe Moretz is Dating a girl stirred up the public, because recently everyone is discussing the relationship of the actress with the son of David and Victoria Beckham Brooklyn! It looks like she is so disappointed in the men that decided to move on to relationships with girls.

Wondering whether Chloe Brooklyn? In an episode of Andy Cohen’s “Watch what happened live” the presenter asked quite a few questions about the personal life of the star of the movie “Dark shadows” and “the 5th wave”, to which the star replied.

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