Кирстен Данст рассказала о затянувшейся подготовке к свадьбе

In early January, Hollywood actress Kirsten dunst became the official bride. Her lover and colleague on the series “Fargo” Jesse Plemons proposed, but which she said Yes.

But that’s the expectations of fans of the actress first marriage, it seems, did not materialize. The fact that soon the triumph will be postponed to next year.

This decision Kirsten and Jesse took because of his professional employment. Soon they both are engaged in a new project: Kirsten acts as a writer and Director of the film “Under a glass bell” (“The Bell Jar”), where Jesse plays a cameo role. The film is estimated based on the eponymous novel written in 1963 by Sylvia Plath.

“Maybe the wedding will be next spring,” said dunst.

Earlier, Kirsten talked about wanting to get married. But the actress noted that the later it will be, the more humble and inconspicuous wedding she will hold.

“I’m one of those people who want to get married.. If it will be closer to forty years, the wedding will be quiet and modest, which will be present only the closest people. First ceremony at the courthouse, then a gala dinner and dancing with family and friends. I will consider the wedding as the celebration of the fortieth anniversary,” — said Kirsten. By the way, now the actress of 34 years.