Николь Кузнецова недовольна внешностью после операции Psychic posted a photo without makeup. Nicole Kuznetsova a week ago lay on the operating table to improve their health, and also to adjust the shape of the nose. However, fans cheered clairvoyant and assured that she looks beautiful.

      Finalist of the 16th season of the popular show “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova was forced to go under the knife of the surgeon to do another surgery on the nose for medical reasons – to get rid of attacks of suffocation. The fact is that for many years, the woman has to use a tracheotomy tube in his throat to breathe. A psychic can only speak in a whisper and is constantly under medical supervision. Nicole is resigned to this fate and is trying, despite everything, to live life to the fullest. Nicole Kuznetsova about a serious illness: “I Thank God that it’s not cancer”

      Recently, Kuznetsov asked the surgeon just to fix the nose shape – the woman wanted to correct this part of the face. According to her, the procedure was quite complicated, because the expert had to correct the mistakes of their colleagues after previous surgery. Despite the fact that Nicole has not yet removed the cast, she decided to satisfy the interest of fans and show how she now looks. According to most clairvoyant, now she doesn’t really like the reflection in the mirror.

      “All very interesting, how do I look after surgery on the nose. Well, frankly, lousy. But not as creepy as I could. It’s been six days. Day after tomorrow going to remove the plaster. What I want to say to these photos? Surgery on the nose is not so creepy and scary. PS I have no makeup if to cover everything, I’ll be pretty. Probably. I hope”, – wrote in the microblog psychic.

      Fans supported the psychic and wished her a speedy recovery. Fans dream to see the end result of transformation Kuznetsova, despite the fact that they think Nicole looks perfect.

      “Last spout was, in my opinion, excellent! Waiting for new, Yes, and so you have a perfect beauty. Where else is better?”, “Nicole, are you even in this form? I just want to hug you and wish you health and patience”, “You look much younger here than in all other photos. There is direct 19 you. Very pretty. Speedy healing,” responded a sympathetic followers.

      Kuznetsova happy to share the details of the operation. So she tries to encourage those who would like to turn to plastic surgeons, but not solved.