Тесс Холлидей рассказала о сложностях материнства

Small children – is not only very cute but also very troublesome. Model plus-size Tess Holliday, who eight months ago became a mother for the second time, complained of the lack of power and severe fatigue. Judging by her post, left the page in the social network, Tess had a nervous breakdown.

Тесс Холлидей рассказала о сложностях материнства
“I’ve been awake since 3 a.m. because as soon as I put Bowie in his crib he wakes up and cries. He’s teething, and he doesn’t care that mom has a full day of work. I work fifteen hours a day and still lead a household, take care of children. I get very tired, but paint the lips with the lipstick, drink a lot of coffee and try to ulybatsya. My smile is the greatest joy for my child. N today everything goes wrong.
I pay for the third hour and can’t stop. My nerves are frayed. The truth is, I have exceeded all the possibilities, and now I know what a trial for my confidence was the birth of the child. This morning I realized why. Young mothers are constantly under pressure, the society is confident that they have to look good. But due to the hormonal surge, the constant lack of sleep, breastfeeding is just not possible. Bags under the eyes, red skin with spots and the absolute lack of power – how people manage to cope with it?” — wrote Tess and added that trying to find a balance between work and motherhood, but while she is not very it turns out.

“I hope that one day society will stop looking at us as bad mothers, but just understand that we’re trying very hard to keep all the bad”— posted by Holliday.
Subscribers model, and she has 1.4 million, wished her strength and patience. Recall that in addition to the baby Bowie Tess is also eleven-year-old son Riley.