Kirkorov spoke about the alleged conflict Pugacheva and Buzova

Киркоров высказался о предполагаемом конфликте Пугачевой и Бузовой The king of the pop scene I am sure that Alla has no negative to the presenter. Philip considers Buzova amazingly talented, and hopes that the friendship with her will not affect relations with Pugacheva.
Киркоров высказался о предполагаемом конфликте Пугачевой и Бузовой

In the last few months fans of Olga Buzova and discuss only that her unexpected friendship with Philip Kirkorov. Aspiring singer starred in the clip of the king of the pop scene, appears with him at social events and does not get tired to say, as it is important the opinion of the artist.

At first, their friendship was not taken seriously, but now fans believe that the man saw the talents Buzova and ready to help her with the promotion to the musical Olympus. However, close contact Olga and Philippe, apparently, don’t really like Alla Pugacheva.

Recently the Diva was like one of the negative reviews on the friendship Buzova with Kirkorov. However, Philip is sure that it means nothing.

Alla Pugacheva enraged photo Kirkorov and Buzova

“What is there to discuss. Alla Borisovna does not read neither comments nor likes. Accidentally jabbed,” said the man.

Previously Kirkorov repeatedly recognized that Pugachev is his unquestioned authority. Even after the divorce, the couple continued to communicate closely. Philip keeps going to a country mansion of Alla Borisovna and Maxim Galkin. It is also in a wonderful relationship with all the relatives of the prima Donna.

She Pugacheva recently gave an interview to Oleg Menshikov, in which he spoke about the relationship with her ex-husband. While in a Network there was only a preview of the future video, but even there the lack of personal details. So, the singer said that she had a real love triangle.

“Sometimes I think we live life – Lilya Brik, Osip Brik, and Mayakovsky. If you read their history, you know that it is so. Here’s how it could happen again?” – said Pugacheva Menshikov.

Anyway, Olga Buzova continues to communicate closely with Philip Kirkorov. At a recent award “Muz-TV” they even did a show together. After the presenter received the award in the nomination “the Best song you’ll ever need”, she immediately ran to embrace the king of the domestic pop scene.

Despite this proximity, the fans are sure that Olga and Phillip binds exclusively friendship. They hope that communication with Kirkorov Buzova will not spoil his relations with Pugacheva.

The artist himself, dealing with “KP”, did not disclose the true reasons for a close friendship with Olga. It’s possible that the stars aligned on the basis of the same musical tastes or even prepare a new joint project.