Darling Ivan Zhidkova said about parting with it

Избранница Ивана Жидкова заявила о расставании с ним The son of the couple just eight months. Ivan Zhidkov, and Soloviev Lily aren’t together anymore. As it turned out, to make such a statement, it has forced a recent photo of a man with his ex-wife Tatiana Arntgolts.
Избранница Ивана Жидкова заявила о расставании с ним

Ivan Zhidkov, and Soloviev, Lily became parents in mid-October last year. The girl was happy to be next to the actor and to bring with him son. She also became friends with the daughter of a man from his first marriage with Tatiana Arntgolts. However, the artist took the time to make an offer hands and hearts beloved. Even the birth of a child did not help him to venture on such a step. As it turned out, between civilian spouses was not so smooth. Today Lily said that they broke up. She confessed that she dared to make such a statement after Ivan posted a photo with his ex-wife. Fans left comments, which talked about the fact that Ivan and Tanya looked lovely together.

“Ivan and Tanya was really beautiful couple! And we were too anything to be honest. There are always reasons why something is so and not otherwise! But as the saying goes, everything passes, this too shall pass! I am grateful for the little man, who taught me true love and for Labrador you’ve always dreamed of. Sure save not less than warm relationship with my son, but for now I’ll go and read books about forgiveness, love, gratitude and other things that are not characteristic of hormone-dependent woman,” wrote Lily in the microblog.

Fans of the couple were amazed by this statement and couldn’t believe that they actually broke up. Some hope that civilian spouses would still be able to reconcile, and their son will grow up in an intact family. “Hold on! Maybe things will get better. Do not cut off the shoulder a – time is the best doctor. Forces and a lot of patience” “Oh, to keep a smooth relationship with my son is the most difficult. As if necessary, but do not want to. From personal experience, so to speak. Lily, patience and perseverance. Parting is always hard,” maintained the girl followers.

Tatyana Arntgolts is planning to live with her ex-husband

Lily admitted that repeated the fate of their parents – they separated when she was only three years. After that, the education of girls was mainly the grandmother. But in my heart Solovieva settled permanently fear to face a similar problem. The girl thinks it was what she feared most. She now encourages its subscribers to deal with their own negative attitudes.