Киркоров со скандалом покинул сцену «Новой волны»

Unexpected situation on the stage of the competition in Sochi: nearly broke the speech of the king of pop Russian pop.

At first everything went according to plan: announced Philip Kirkorov, he came on stage and started to sing. As always – magnificent, elegant, in a big way: the scenery, the ballet. And then suddenly the sound gurgled and disappeared. Philip did not understand, looked at the engineers. And those already danced around the equipment. Established, the man continued his speech, and then again silence. And so again. Such hitches pop king of the Russian stage was not used, and he, interrupting the speech, popped up backstage. Ballet rushed after him.

There is already the organizers were swept. Presenter Lera Kudryavtseva ran to the audience to save the day is to play for time, to experts able to troubleshoot, and then again to invite Philip to sing. But the man was gone. The singer was so upset that an hour and a half were together somewhere behind the scenes. When he finally found, he refused to go on stage.

Fortunately, by the middle of the festival Philip Bedrosovich decided that the audience is not to blame, and repeated the number. The hall has supported its storm of applause. He sang two hit songs, thanked the fans and apologized for the problem tehnicheskie jerking another threatening look in the direction of the sound engineers.

“This “New wave”, here everything is real, genuine, ” the singer said from the stage. If you don’t mind, before this was dress rehearsal, now I pojavilsja your eyes again, as if fifteen years ago, young and young.”

Later it turned out that Kirkorov room there was a sudden restart of the equipment, and took time to solve the problem. But for Philip this was not easy.


Another most discussed star of the “New wave” has become Ksenia Sobchak. In the morning it became known that she had agreed to become co-host of the event (although in the later stages of pregnancy) and were discussing her outfit with feathers from Russian designer (see photo HERE).