Ким Кардашьян балует свою двухлетнюю дочку
Kim intends to make North real star.

Kim Kardashian with daughter North

Photo: Legion-media

Kim Kardashian loves to attract attention, so it didn’t seem to mind
when the output from the new York restaurant “Capri” with her daughter North was surrounded by paparazzi.
They had something to photograph besides the forms 35-year-old star of the reality show,
she, as always, put on a show. The fact that the shoulder three years
North hung the purse from the latest collection of Fendi that is worth $ 2,000. Curiously,
the girl didn’t look too impressed with your new clothes. This information
shared edition of the Daily Mail

daughter of the stars of the reality show have long been accustomed to such things. Almost in the first day
of her life parents dressed the girl in designer clothes. They did not skimp on
other expensive gifts. For example, for Christmas my parents gave North
Dollhouse for 70 thousand dollars, which was all the
dream of doll including marble tub with gold initials of the girls…

North still jealous of not worth it, because her life is not easy. Kim and her
husband Kanye West have decided that I will be able to mold her into a Megastar, so no
she has no right to waste a minute of time. In the end, the girl
supermarginal lives according to the schedule drawn up by her parents. According to
this schedule, she only has half an hour a day on games and hour — to communicate with parents.
The rest of the time she has to devote to useful classes, including
includes: fitness classes, gymnastics, and swimming, French lessons, ballet,
flute, Chinese calligraphy(!), makeup and, of course, acting.
Without it, the North really can not do, after all, despite his young age
it has become a regular participant of the reality show family Kardashian.