Молодая жена Андрея Аршавина ждет ребенка!
Russian player again will become a father.

Alice Kazmina and Andrei Arshavin

Photo: Instagram.com

Andrei Arshavin and his wife Alice Kazmina will soon become parents! That young footballer’s wife is expecting a baby, it became known just a few days after their wedding. The couple is waiting the appearance of the baby born. The wife of the athlete is already noticeable rounded belly.

Meanwhile, for Andrew it is the fourth child, and Alice’s “only” third. By the way, to see his three children from Yulia Baranovskaya, with whom he lived together for nine years, Arshavin does not allow a busy schedule. But the education of two children of Alice, from a previous marriage, Andrew completely took over. It is curious that the new spouse strove to exchange vows in 2015. But they do it prevented the legal proceedings between Arshavin and the baranouskaya.

Recall that the wedding of Andrew and Alice took place in the day of knowledge. The bride and groom got married in the registry office of St. Petersburg. At the ceremonial wedding attended by only close friends of the couple and Catimini children from his first marriage.