“The curse of the novel” ruined the lives of Vasiliy Stepanov

«Проклятие Бондарчука» разрушило жизнь Василия Степанова The star of “Inhabited island” may not return to its former glory. Vasily Stepanov complains that after participating in the blockbuster movie of the famous Director did not take even a shop assistant.

      After the premiere of the sci-Fi Thriller “the Inhabited island”, which took place eight years ago, Vasily Stepanov became the new Russian sex symbol. The young actor has become wildly popular, it began to learn at every step. Tall, muscular blond with blue eyes made a resounding impression on the fair sex. It would seem, ahead of stars brighter future.

      However, the reality was much sadder. Basil unsuccessfully went for all sorts of auditions, and didn’t take it in any project. Over time, the actor began to choose less creative options, but luck did not smile on him. Then Stepanov thought hanging over him of the curse.

      “Recently, my mother took me to the shaman — to tell fortunes for the future. She tied an amulet on the arm and said, “don’t give up — you’ll succeed”. Again tarsatica on casting: while never take. Asked at a talent Agency — refused to work with me without explanation. The “curse” of a novel spread to work, even the courier can’t get: “You’re an actor, what are you going to do here?” As a salesperson at a retail store also did not take: “you will all be in the hall to come to take autographs…” Life won’t let me get away with acting path,” – said the actor.

      The complexity of the work was not the only challenge in the life of Basil. The actor admitted that the lack of demand has affected his personal life. The relationship with the girl Stepanov has begun to deteriorate. Her parents all kicked failed groom out the door. The actor believes that in without the curse of a novel”.

      “Dora wanted to work in film, she was invited to TV shows, and I have nothing worked. Parents Egorova I was crushed, saying, do not bring money into the family, at home, I also did not participate — was prepared and cleaned Daria’s mother. I was justified: “Who is to blame, after Bondarchuk will have me?” As a result, they could not stand it and pushed me out the door, calling a Freeloader. And I’m their daughter to the shooting as a personal driver drove, but it was not enough. Then Dasha has become even more difficult — I had to rent an apartment. I sold the car… And the money went very quickly — didn’t even notice how and what,” said Basil in an interview to “Caravan of stories”.