Ким Кардашьян одела плотно облегающие кожаные брюки с джинсовой тканью

The combination of denim and denim! Kim Kardashian was in the innovative pair of jeans, suitable for its activities on 6 November, which was devoted to the contest WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards 2019! Kanye West was clearly a fan of her.
We have never seen such pants. At the awards ceremony, WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards, 2019 in new York on 6 November, 39 – year-old Kim Kardashian said its iconic curves in denim pants that look like she is wearing blue leather shoes over tight denim! The owner of KKW Beauty combined top and bottom equally fashionable detail denim top print V-neck corset air sleeves. Her husband, Kanye West, 42, seemed to be a fan of this outfit, because his hand lay right on top of the fifth point of the Internet bomb Kim.

Ким Кардашьян одела плотно облегающие кожаные брюки с джинсовой тканью
A happy marriage of Kim and Kanye reflected on their position on the red carpet when they hugged each other, while the photographers were delighted. It was a pleasant sight, especially considering the fact that Kanye picked up a dark blue uniform, namely dark blue suit (they even combined shoes). The event was also joined by Kim’s mother Kris Jenner, 64, and her boyfriend Corey gamble for 38 years!

Ким Кардашьян одела плотно облегающие кожаные брюки с джинсовой тканью
Once again, Kanye put his hand on Kim — this time, over her waist — when the rapper came to the event, as well as when she was dressed in a slinky Maxi dress when they left the hotel The Plaza in new York. The pair went to the conference DealBook in the new York times, organized by the journalist for the new York times Andrew Ross Sorkin, which attracted business leaders and policy at one-day event.

While Kim looked crazy in your onions, Kanye admitted that it “affects” it, when “pictures of his wife too sexy” in an episode of KUWTK on October 13! Kanye was referring to a “wet” dress Kim created in order to look like she just emerged from the ocean in the style of Sophia Loren from “boy on a Dolphin”, 1957, “the Meeting of the gala concert” 2019 in may. Out of respect for Kanye and to be “suitable” for their children: North 6, St., 3, Chicago 1 and Psalm 5 months old. Kim decided to “soften it” (in the original version of the dress was nipples, apparently).

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