22-летняя Бриэль Бирманн демонстрирует свои гигантские губки в новом селфи!

Sponge Briel the Biermann — the most plump, that she’s ever been in a new selfie video, which she shares with fans the upcoming release of a new cosmetic product for the lips.
The Briel the Biermann with their mother 41 – year-old Kim Zolciak and 18 – year-old sister, Ariana opened her own cosmetics business Cosmetics KAB, and the Briel continues to be a person and, most important, the lips brand. 22-year-old girl showed her huge plump video selfie to Instagram on November 6. She sat in the chair of a stylist, looking in the mirror, in a pink sweater. Then she moves to show off your perfectly painted glamorous face, and her lips are huge.

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New @kabcosmetics lip kit coming soon😻 definitely my new favorite!!

Publication from Brielle (@briellebiermann) 6 Nov 2019 11:44 PST

The Briel is also super-long, dark eyelashes that emphasize her brown eyes. She had a neutral shade of eyeshadow, so her eyelashes and brown eyebrows take center stage. Then her pink inflated lip center lower half of her face. She gave fans to understand that soon they will be available color, and signed the photo: “Soon will come a new set for lip @kabcosmetics definitely my new favorite!”
Her mother, Kim agreed that it has become a new favorite, when she wrote in the comments: “Mine too”. A friend of Tonani commented, “You look exactly like your mom! Thank you, said Briel.

The star of “don’t be late”, the Briel was very open and did not regret that increased the lips. In January 2019, she posted a photo of himself with smaller lips, before she did them, and wrote: “Those who say that I look better in front of your mouth … you’re a liar, and this photo is proof of that.”
In an April interview with “The Lookbook,” she explained why she wanted to augment the lips. “I’ve always been insecure about the lips, especially since I started to learn in high school,” explained Briel. “All my friends had beautiful full lips. They looked so good. I thought that to be beautiful you had to be full lips, because all who I remembered had pretty lips. She begged mom for years to make injections for lip augmentation, and she finally got the accord when I was 18 years — exactly when I graduated from high school. I went with my mother right in Los Angeles in the best clinic, that’s all.

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