Kim Kardashian took her husband from a psychiatric hospital

Ким Кардашьян забрала мужа из психиатрической лечебницы
Kanye West was released into the care of his wife.

As it became known today, the wife, Kim Kardashian Kanye West finally
go home from the hospital. He spent more than a week after his emergency
hospitalization occurred on November 21. About it reported the Internet-portal TMZ

The doctors did not want to take the time to write Kanye,
but Kim insisted to pick up her husband. She stated that the house is West
provided skilled nursing care, constant supervision of his personal doctor plus
assistance and family support. However, whether Kim children St and North to communicate with his father in the near future, she
haven’t decided yet. The fact that Kanye
while that is very far from a full recovery.

West was sent to the hospital to forcibly
treatment is not by chance that the day it happened a real attack rampage.
Came from his personal coach, he for no reason attacked one of
employees of the sports complex. And he got so excited that to calm it could not
no. The police, who came to the aid, immediately called an ambulance
psychiatric. And Kanye had a desperate resistance to the doctors, shouting at
something about the defeat his demons. As it turned out, he
hallucinations, during which all those around him seemed Kanye West attacking enemies…

By nurses West managed to chain
handcuffed to a stretcher, as such, he was taken to the hospital. Though
initially, it was officially announced that the as Kanye explained just
only insomnia and fatigue, the doctors gave him another new diagnosis:
paranoia, complicated by severe depression. And, apparently, he was sick
for a long time — this explains it more than strange behaviour

For the time that West was in the hospital,
Kim showed himself as an exemplary, caring wife. Helping to care for her husband,
she walked in honey. the establishment of many hours each day, including
holiday — Thanksgiving. And now,
hopes the reality star, with her help and with the support of family Kanye
will be able to return to normal.