Angelina Jolie is terrified: she may lose their eldest sons

Анджелина Джоли в ужасе: она может лишиться своих старших сыновей
A divorce can cost the actress of separation from two of her children.

Анджелина Джоли в ужасе: она может лишиться своих старших сыновей

Angelina Jolie


Maddox and pax


Share Angelina Jolie fell
a serious test. In the midst of her divorce proceedings began
it is known that in addition to the showdown with brad pitt, the actress still
battle for her two foster children. We are talking about 15-year-old Maddox and
13-year-old pax Thien. This was reported by the website

that although the adoption of both boys occurred in his time with the
violations, Jolie managed to settle all the problems. Main
argument, which allowed her to save the children, was favorable conditions
it could provide for the education of children. But now that her
divorce scandal, thanks to the “efforts” of the American press,
reached an international scale, she might lose her boys. Moreover,
although to date against brad’s not making any more
charges he was initially suspected of bad treatment of children…

the danger for States is that while both Maddox and
Pax Thien was adopted her as an orphan, actually, their parents, as it turned out, alive! And now that Jolie and pitt were
compromised by the scandal, relatives of the boys can claim the children back. Cambodian
Maddox, who at birth was named Rath Vibol, was the adopted
son of Angelina in March of 2002, when he was only 7 months. At that
time, Lauryn Galindo, the agent who helped Jolie to arrange the adoption
convinced the actress that a boy — an orphan. But as it turned out, angelina
made contact with a con artist: Galindo was subsequently arrested
she was charged with child trafficking. As established
investigators, Lauryn bought a RET of Vibol, like other kids, given her
for orphans, his parents for $ 100. Jolie was miraculously
to defend Maddox. The lawyer helped her to find a loophole in the law
regulatory adoption.

same for pax Tien, his story is even more complicated. Jolie
found a three year old Vietnamese boy in the orphanage where she is not too
many were able to report on the fate of his mother. The employees of the orphanage said,
the woman disappeared from the hospital, leaving there his son, who was
in just two days. As it turned out, the Vietnamese, whose name is not
called, was arrested for some serious offence
he served his sentence. Now she will soon be released from prison and already announced
his desire to pax Tien back.