Kim Cattrall has hinted that negotiations about filming the sequel of “Sex in the city”

Ким Кэттролл дала понять, что ведутся переговоры о съемках продолжения «Секса в большом городе»

Wanted ever to see again on the small screen the lives of four friends from “Sex in the city”? for several years the creators of this project and Actresses involved in the shooting, did not agree to show the continuation of the story. And recently, the media got information that there was a sequel and discusses possible storylines. So far no one involved in the series filmmakers did not comment on the idea of filming the sequel. No one except the performer of the role of Samantha Jones Kim Cattrall.

On the show Wendy Williams actress ambiguously responded to the question about the filming of the sequel series: “”I am so incredibly touched and flattered that everyone is interested in. I’m really looking forward to that coming back and again make you laugh. Keep fingers crossed!”

Note that for the new shooting Cattrall of “Sex in the city” may be returning to the industry at the time, like Sarah Jessica Parker’s next project, which will need to allocate a lot of time. Now the embodiment of Carrie Bradshaw starred in the TV series “Divorce”.

By the way, has repeatedly said that the final “Sex and the city” was held so soon due to disagreements that were present at the site. Often argued that is Parker and Cattrall.

always try to treat people well, to put at the forefront of professional ethics, which is very important. Rumors often denigrated and upset me. On set, we were part of one big family. I loved his colleagues and admired them. Every day was perfect? No, but we were almost a family, we have much in common,” – said Sarah Jessica Parker, adding that conflicts on the set really did occur, but they are quickly resolved and no hard feelings to each other could not walk and talk.

According to press reports, differences colleagues (Sarah and Kim) were formed on the material background.

Supposedly, Parker demanded special conditions and an increase in the fee, including the time like other Actresses of the conditions remained the same. Dissatisfied with the behavior of colleagues were primarily the Cattrall.