Fergie took on the job of bodyguard to discredit Kim Kardashian

Ферги приняла на работу оскандалившегося бодигарда Ким Кардашьян

In October of this year, Kim kardashian has become the victim of a robbery. The star of the reality show “Family Kardashian “cleansed” in her hotel room by two unknown men. Who is behind this, the police still finds out. The most likely candidate for the role of the offender under the version of law enforcement was the bodyguard Kimberly Pascal Duvie. The idea that the bodyguard tipped off criminals, received from the Trustees of the Kardashian family. This conclusion was made after it became aware of thousands of debt men.

The incident in Paris forced the family to reconsider the security system and to introduce new rules. Here Pascal was no place because of his services the family refused. But without the work of Davie left.

Now he guards a beautiful body girlfriend Kim singer fergie, have already been seen together with her on the set of her new music video Life Goes On. For many, the Union star and the bodyguard was surprising, but not for loyal fans fergie: they know that the singer and informed periodically used the services of security companies Duvie, in particular, a year ago, he wore it on his hands during a concert in Lisbon. Case with Kim, as we have seen, does not undermine the trust of fergie to Pascal.