Kim Cattrall disrupted the shooting of “sex and the city 3”

Ким Кэттролл сорвала съемки фильма «Секс в большом городе 3» Shooting the third part of the film is planned to start in new York in the fall. However, the fault of the performer of the role of Samantha Jones, the creators decided to scrap the project. According to insiders, Kim went to the blackmail.
Ким Кэттролл сорвала съемки фильма «Секс в большом городе 3»

Sad news reported fans Sarah Jessica Parker. September 29, who plays Carrie Bradshaw said in an interview that “Sex” in the city will be no more. “I’m disappointed – shared the actress. – Written such a beautiful, funny, touching and bright scenario, which most certainly would have found the response from the audience!”

Shortly after this statement appeared information that the crew all summer stood on low start, refusing other earnings, while the management of the company Warner Bros. sparred with “the arrogant diva” Kim Cattrall – who plays the sexy “suicide” by Samantha Jones.

Playing the victim

All knew in advance that “Sex and the city 3” will take place only with the participation of all four stars of the series. According to anonymous, which is easy to guess Sarah Jessica Parker, the 61-year-old Kim came to believe in their indispensability and went to the blackmail. “Everyone was looking forward to the start of filming, the source said. But Kim was selfish, played the victim. She had the audacity to say Warner Bros., in exchange for agreeing to star in “Sex” film company should take in manufacturing and other projects with her participation and to conclude a long-term contract. Who does she think she is George Clooney?”

Ким Кэттролл сорвала съемки фильма «Секс в большом городе 3»

Another “source” poured poison: “the Series made Cattrall a star. Let’s be honest, is all she is known in principle. But instead of gratitude, buried movie, promising to be a great conclusion of the Saga, because the company has not agreed to her exorbitant demands.” Three former fellow member Kim also gained international fame solely because of “Sex and the city,” but they never bite the hand that feeds. And, Cattrall began to run in her teeth, even when the series was on the air. It required at least to bring the fee to earnings of Sarah Jessica Parker, which is the only one of the ensemble cast received a salary and production income from the popularity of the franchise.

On the other side of the fence

In response, Kim called those accusations a “shit storm”. “Last year, I quite clearly said I broke up with Samantha forever and no regrets, – said the actress. – Don’t tie me to the project was the only requirement. Nobody forbade the creators of “Sex” is to introduce Samantha new character with a fresh look. It is unclear why the refusal of the actress from the role as perceived by the whims of a diva, not as a legal right.”

In an interview, Cattrall added that after the release of the second film in 2010, one of my colleagues did not work to maintain contact with her even to be polite. In her opinion, at the end of the collaborative relationship between the on-screen girlfriends become “toxic”.

“For the TV show Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) was also dissatisfied with the fact that the dividends from the overall success receives only Sarah Jessica – said Kim. But when I voiced our grievances to the producers, the girls did not support me. One I fought for all, and eventually acquired a reputation as a greedy bitch. Sarah Jessica many of us has, she could be nicer”.

Many fans of the show supported actress in the desire to send Samantha Jones and company to retire, bearing in mind that “sex and the city 2” was very weak, was loudly booed by the audience and panned by critics. Here soon, actor Willie Garson (Stanford Blatch) succumb to the scandal of the fire, catch Kim in a lie. Through social networks, he made it clear that the negotiations about the participation in the third film, the artist still led.

Vague doubts

Reporters interviewed the insider, who shed a little objective light on a confusing situation.

“Kim was ready to talk, he said. – Assuming that this time the writers will show her character the respect that will give it more dignity. In the TV series and movies to share Samantha had the most humiliating storyline, one after another. And yet Kim did not intervene in the work of the writers, did not require scripts on a provisional visa. When she asked me to give her a say in the fate of the character, the film company refused to discuss.”

History with the crew, which spent the summer waiting for the sea weather, after the first impulsive reaction, too, began to seem questionable. First, in the beginning of this year that Sarah Jessica Parker was told that the script is not even in draft form. It is unlikely that the ideas that the authors could not give birth for a few years, suddenly took shape in the summer ready to produce a masterpiece. Secondly, Chris noth, who plays Carrie’s husband, said no one about the shooting were not warned nor spring nor summer. In other words, viewers are asked to believe that a film crew booked without consent from the performer, is one of the main female roles, and without the knowledge by the male. “Most likely, the company initially did not believe in the project, – concluded the insider. She just needed an excuse to cover it up”.