Discussing the gap Andrew Giulana with his wife

В Сети обсуждают разрыв Андрея Гайдуляна с супругой Diana ochilova hinted at the discord in the family. The wife of the star of the series “I” provoked talk that she is not going smoothly in the relationship with Andrew. Visiting on the eve of a recital of Olga Buzova, the girl said that she was very close and I can understand what the artist sings.

Fans of the soap Opera stars Andrei Giulana seriously excited about a possible rift in his family. From the attentive eyes of the fans acknowledging that the actor and his wife Diana ochilova hasn’t been published in social networks of joint ops. Usually inseparable husband and wife began to go out one by one, and the last photo, which Andrew and Diana are sealed together, dated in the microblog by the end of July. At that time the couple traveled to California and were happy to share with fans impressions of America.

The last record of Diana in the microblog fans excited pair. A young woman attended a recital of Olga Buzova, which friendly, and gave to understand that it is close to the state, which was the star when I was working on some songs.

“Olga Buzova, thank you for the space concert. Energetically charged of all of its people. And to be honest, before listening to your songs and realized that you’re growing up every minute, But now they are just my state of mind. You space,” admitted the wife of Andrew Giulana.

Next post ochilova also dedicated Buzova, thanking her for her support. “That’s interesting! We see each other so rarely, and as if we were talking every day. Thank you for your support, Olga Buzova. You understood me perfectly,” wrote Diana under a photo with the singer.

Members regarded these words as a clear allusion to difficulties in the relationship of Andrew and Diana. They just ask the spouse of the actor the question of why from her “Instagram” pictures disappeared with her husband, and why he didn’t accompany her at the concert Buzova. And instead of Andrew next to Diana that night was a young man. “Husband at work” – briefly answered the curious Diana, making it clear that it is not ready to tell the details.

We will remind, Andrew Hagolan and Diana ochilova got married in September last year. By the way, on the eve of the celebration of the beloved has overcome the crisis, which nearly put the question of their future family life.

Familiar couple for quite some time. Diana was next to Andrei in the most difficult times for him. Two years ago the actor was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Andrew Hagolan: the disease and latest news

After months of desperate struggle the man was able to improve their health. After that, he decided to do charity work. Andrew realized how important it is to help those who really need it.