Детки в Сетке: звездные малыши, чьи фото и видео стали хитами в Интернете The heirs of the famous families have already got an army of fans. Artists place pictures of favorite children, which subsequently travels through the Network and become the most discussed. “StarHit” remembered charismatic kids have become independent stars.

      Детки в Сетке: звездные малыши, чьи фото и видео стали хитами в Интернете

      Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. And fame today is measured in the number of followers and likes in Instagram. To win an army of fans artists today can not only hit songs, bright roles, but photos of their own children. Who would have thought that the kids will have their fans? “StarHit” found out who the little star of the heirs has become particularly popular in the Network.

      Alla-Victoria and Martin Kirkorov (5 years and 4 years)

      For children star dads, Philip Kirkorov Alla-Victoria and Martin constantly monitor fans from birth. Still, their appearance was a real surprise, because Philip, at that time there was no life partner. Was wondering who do like kids. How to order, the crumbs turned out to be an exact copy of his father. At first the man did not show children the public. But then decided to open all the cards. And now for the life of Alla Victoria and Martin watching millions of fans, including on the Internet. And the father is trying to share with the subscribers of important moments in the life of your favorite the heirs. I must say, the kids are frequent guests at social events – they are at the bottom of the birth of twins Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, the birthday of the daughter of Stas Mikhailov Masha, then at the various premieres and concerts of colleagues star dads.

      Philip is very proud and supports any initiatives children. In the video, where his son tries his hand at break dancing, Kirkorov wrote: “I First went on stage with my father, Bedros when I was 5 years old. My 4 year old son Martin made his stage debut with the dance. And in the hall supported him is a grandfather Bedros. Some things in our family never change…” Subscribers supported: “God willing, the talent will manifest. Hard in the doctrine, well, as long as let him study”.


      One of the last important events in the life of a singer was the fifth anniversary of the beloved daughter. The efforts of Pope this event was celebrated in a big way. Philip posted some pictures and videos. And recently Philip decided to have Martin and Alla-Victoria your microblogging. While the number of followers is the leader’s daughter of the singer – she has collected 7 thousand subscribers, and Martin – 3200. And that in a few weeks!


      Among the star children Lisa and Harry Pugacheva Galkin attract the attention of the public. Still, the children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin were born three years ago, but their photos only after the twins two years – the first pictures from the birthday of Alla-Victoria Kirkorova, where they visited with their parents. Since then, Alla Pugacheva started his “Instagram” and now puts there photos and videos of your favorite heirs. Visit Diva you can see touching photos of gifts from her daughter and son.

      “Harry, my boy, gave a flower”, signed Pugacheva photo clay flower from Harry. And daughter for mom made a tree: “And Lisa gave the Apple tree. Here it is, happiness!”

      Lisa and Harry lead a normal lifestyle. Daddy Maxim Galkin spends a lot of time on the road, and mother Alla Pugacheva was giving the children free time. In addition, the twins have a nanny. In summer, the kids lived with their parents in a Villa in Jurmala. Walking at a normal Playground with the other children actively participated in games.

      “Pugachevka” – signed Alla photo fashionista Lisa in “Instagram”. And next to the picture of Harry with his father: “My favorite boys”.

      A lot of likes gathered on the video page Pugacheva, which Harry Shalit home, and mom laughs at his antics. To the delight of parents, the two children have inherited mom and dad’s love of music. Lisa sings with pleasure. “Both musical – told about the children of Maxim Galkin. Lisa is a good dancer. They have baby Grand pianos, which like to portray the game. And when Alla was performed at the “New wave”, we watched her number on TV. Lisa even sang the mother, and in the end everyone loudly applauded”.

      Proof Duo daughters and dads in the program “Maximmaxim”. By the way, the web is wound a few pages of fangroup twins that are pleasing shots more often a stellar parent.


      Another star’s Instagram is the youngest daughter of resident Comedy Club Alexander Revva. For news from three years of crumbs and watching a million followers of his father. Showman often pleases fans of her videos, because amélie, according to fans, a real angel. One of the most popular on the Network was video in which the girl is stained with chocolate, it is recognized that candy ate a Bunny, and not she. Have a sweet tooth, Amelie just can’t resist sweets. “It is possible to watch endlessly” – recognized ones. “This is my favorite video,” respond others. The video has received about 360 thousand views.

      Video posted by Arthur Pirozhkov (@arthurpirozhkov) Feb 9 2016 2:58 PST

      The second series about the kidnappers delicious was a video about the strawberries. There already is Bunny the responsibility for the eaten berries Amelie had to shift to older sister Alice. Very emotional was the meeting of the daughter and father that dad didn’t tell mom about her antics with sweets.

      Video posted by Arthur Pirozhkov (@arthurpirozhkov) Jun 13 2016 at 5:25 PDT

      And on the day of the birth of Alexander, his wife Angelica recorded a video of congratulations Amelie. 257 thousand views and dozens of comments supported an appeal to the father of the younger girl Revva. Seeing how many fans there daughters in the Network, parents have created for Amelie your page, which has 108 thousand subscribers. And that’s just in 3 years!


      Video posted by Yulia Proskuryakova (@uliaveronika) Oct 29 2016 at 3:00 PDT

      In October of last year, Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova was born a daughter. Photo of baby Veronica’s parents show no hurry. Then Julia dared to put up some shots of the daughter in the way that those girls could not be seen. Much attention was attracted to the movie, which is among aguanga little Victoria clearly heard the phrase: “Dad, Hello, Dad.”

      By the way, since the birth of Veronika showing interest in daddy’s tools. As they say, blood is thicker than water. Waiting for first hits of the young talent. And while she learns the melody in the dance. Oh well, that subscribers pages of her mother remained in indescribable delight.

      “Oh, how cool! Already dancing! Soon mom will be the mother of all girls ‘ activities. It’s so fun when mom and daughter girlfriend”, “Julia! This is the dance of the little swans! Tchaikovsky is not enough!”

      Video posted by Yulia Proskuryakova (@uliaveronika) 2 Nov 2016 2:26 PDT

      Over time, parents leave prejudices behind, and fortunately for the army of fans of Igor Nikolaev, his youngest daughter can be seen on new pictures and videos.


      The soloist of group A’studio last summer gave birth to a daughter. Long guessed, who looks like a child, because in Instagram mom was full of images and commercials, which, as usual, the stars, the face of the baby was not visible. That little Olivia is sitting in a great outfit, then taking a bath, my mother brags that her daughter is now the ears earrings. On one of the clips shows how young Olivia is interested in the piano – that they are the parent genes.

      Video published by Keti Topuria (@keti_one_official) Jun 15 2016 6:22 PDT

      And in may this year, Katie, along with her husband Lev Gamanam arranged a family photo shoot, where finally revealed her daughter’s face. Members did not hide that kinky tiny as two peas similar to the father. In the photo, all three were in a trendy black kosuhah. As it turned out, the singer around the same time launched a fashion line for the production of children’s clothing and brought their friends with children to take pictures like these for advertising.

      Later at Katie video appeared first birthday of the baby, which she blows the candle out on the cake – enthusiastic parents, subscribers also: “Small wonder!” “What are you cool, congratulations.”

      Alexander Sergeev (1 year)

      Brilliant singer Elena Temnikova – active blogger, so it can detect not only a lot of photos, but pictures year-old daughter Sasha. Every important step in the life of the daughter, the artist puts the Network: the first step, word, gift international women’s day by dancing, leaping laughter…

      The most popular video in the blog of the singer – a movie where Sasha is dancing. “My dancing, like the sun,” shared mom. 460 thousand people have viewed the touching footage. Approximately the same number of views the video, which Lena shares a happy moment Alex first made his name.

      Sasha Plushenko or Dwarf Gnomic (3 years)

      The son of Olympic figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko and producer Yana Rudkovskaya star’s Instagram from birth. Ian decided to take the lead page of the Gnome Gnomic – so lovingly called Sasha’s parents. According to the blog, photos and videos which relieve parents can keep track of all the achievements of the little Sasha. Now the baby is making real progress in the modeling business, develops the ice, plays with dad to the football, goes for mushrooms, learning to swim, even exams mom delivers marine life Affairs, as you see yourself, a lot. And the pranks keep him company two home mischievous dog breed pointers. Parents tend to provide little sachets many opportunities for development. And the main thing is you like yourself Plushenko Jr.

      Video posted by Dwarf Gnomic (A. Plushenko) (@gnomgnomych) 3 Nov 2016 11:38 PDT

      “Always a funny guy! In a great mood! Take the example,” – commented the photo smiling boy in a funny jacket. 16 thousand views collected video of the first game Sasha and his Pets. The frame was signed: “Hurrah! Dreams come true! I bought two puppy-girls , breed guesses ? Now I have two new friends”.

      Almost 78 thousand hits was the movie in which the son of a figure skater trying to swim without a vest and he is excellent at it. By the way, on page son skater Evgeni Plushenko signed by 149 thousand people.


      Recently in Instagram Natalia Podolsky appeared the son of Artemis. The singer and her husband Vladimir Presnyakov long kept secret the details of maturing long-awaited son and, like many, was afraid to jinx the baby. Still, the time has come, and the parents had the courage to lift the veil of secrecy.

      The first photo has already gained 36 thousand likes. Whether still will be! “Happy child happy parents,” happy for the guys, the followers. 332 thousands have already viewed a fun video with baby. Earlier she posted pictures, on which child was photographed from the back or from the top. Nice video, where the Subject accelerates the car to meet daddy got 160 thousand hits. But the most touching was the video with the dancing Theme to the accompaniment of his grandfather, 325 thousand praised the record.

      Video published ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Natalia Podolskaya (@nataliapodolskaya) Oct 5 2016 12:38 PDT