Дуэйн Джонсон сделал отцу щедрый подарок на Новый год

44-year-old actor Dwayne Johnson, who in 2016 has become the sexiest man on the planet, the New year has fulfilled the wish of his father. “The rock” gave dad a car, which he had long dreamed of.

“I bought your dad a gift he was not expecting — posted by Dwayne on his page on Instagram, where she posted a photo with a happy parent. – He had a hard life. But now it feels good. My father, rocky Johnson – the minimalist. He’s always been. Never have I asked nothing, only ordinary things of life”.

In addition, Duane told a story that makes him proud of his father.

“Crazy story…my father’s Father died when he was only 13-th. The Christmas his mom brought home a new boyfriend for a special dinner. Her boyfriend got drunk and started pissing on the Turkey. Then my father (he was 13-th, recall), went outside, took a shovel, drew a line and said to the drunkard dared to cross it. Otherwise, he threatened to kill. It worked. My father then took not much, and now he also has no large queries”, — said the actor.

Earlier, Amy Schumer returned to his father’s farm, which he sold for more than 20 years ago.