Агния Кузнецова едва оправилась от шока после ЧП New year’s fireworks could turn into a tragedy. Agnia Kuznetsova and her husband Maxim Petrov survived a few unpleasant moments – the sparks from the fireworks fell on the table, behind which celebrity couple celebrated the new year.

      Actress Agniya Kuznetsova with her husband, dancer Maxim Petrov on a winter vacation and went to warmer climes. Couple resting in the Philippines, enjoying the sun, warm weather and swimming in the Pacific ocean.

      The star of the movie “All will die, and I’ll stay,” enthused followers of his microblog about how great spending time in an exotic place. That’s just the mood of the traveler and her husband greatly tarnished the organizers of the Christmas party. Guests gathered at the restaurant located on the ocean under the open sky, has survived several unpleasant moments during the salute.

      Agniya Kuznetsova recorded all the action on camera mobile phone. “The lights went out, now there will be fireworks,” enthusiastically declared the actress. But what happened next threw the tourist to the real shock. New year’s fireworks show almost ended in tragedy.

      “No, it’s not a third world war. It’s new year’s fireworks on Boracay island or “lost”. The salute came straight to our table. Burned the tablecloth and chair. Otricoli was at the next table. All life. Really wanted to go home, lie down under the tree with vodka and Olivier. The doctor arrived, saved the good old Russian way”, – told about the incident Agniya Kuznetsova, trying to keep her usual sense of humor.

      Followers of the actress was not seriously disturbed by her story about the Christmas incident. They asked agniyu to be careful to yourself and take precautions.

      “It’s not funny, and sadly has to end”, “the Horror. How so? Not helped anybody. Immediately unpleasant”, “Guys, take care!” – write under the video, fans of the actress in the microblog.

      It should be noted that Agniya Kuznetsova and her husband, choreographer Maxim Petrov is considered one of the most friendly and harmonious couple among people whose life are interested fans.

      In September last year, the couple celebrated the wedding calico, and before it, in July, staged a repeat triumph at the home of her husband Agnes and the Altai. Agniya Kuznetsova for the second time married

      The marriage same Kuznetsova and Petrova took place in Moscow in the presence of a narrow circle of people. And in the fall of 2015, the actress said that be sure to arrange the wedding in Siberia, where her relatives live and her husband. Agnes dreamed of a holiday with the family.