Кевин Харт ответил на обвинения своей бывшей жены в измене

The famous actor and comedian Kevin HART spoke on account of the charges his ex-wife Torri HART who stated that her ex-husband began a romantic relationship with a wife Eniko Parrish before their divorce.

Кевин Харт ответил на обвинения своей бывшей жены в измене

38-year-old HART has shared with his readers in the social network Instagram a selfie video in the story, where he said his point of view: “to be honest with you people, I am in that period of life when I can’t even be shocked by anything. All I do is laugh.”

Already in a separate video he continued: “Even after I wrote a whole book, a very good book, about my life in detail… and isn’t that enough?” protested the actor about underestimating your openness.

“Even after I talked about my life in a special stendebach, many special stendebach, you really saw me growing as a man through my stand-up Comedy, and even that’s not enough?” says HART in another video in the story.

Recall that the rumors about the change of the actor to his ex-wife 39-year-old tori HART started pricein. Quite a stir on the Internet beginning Eniko Parrish, who earlier this month wrote on his Instagram that is in a romantic relationship with my husband for 8 years. A couple even waiting for their first child together. But HART broke up with his ex-wife only 6 years ago.

Кевин Харт ответил на обвинения своей бывшей жены в измене

Tori and Kevin began to argue in already deleted the comments in instagram, but on Monday, ex-wife of actor added fuel to the fire by saying the following sentence: “the Numbers don’t lie. Dates do not lie at the end of the day.” In the same way remote comments, Eniko pointed out one of the fans that “their marriage was ruined long before I came into their lives. They lived separately in different houses. I have never been a secret.” these words was caused by the pressure of fans and the public, which indicated Eniko that she ruined their marriage and was the mistress of a married man.

In other comments, soon as removed, Parrish pointed to the fact that the rumors about cheating let it Torri who wanted to “play the victim”. She didn’t want to admit that is also to blame for their divorce, despite the fact that knew about the other woman in his life. “I never broke into people’s homes,” says Parrish in his defense.

As HART added: “It just made me say it publicly. Most important to me is my children, and if they see something written on the Internet that makes me a liar…it won’t be.” Recall that Kevin and tori grow up son Hendrix — 9 months, and daughter haven — 12 years.

HART and Parrish have legalized their relationship in matrimony last August at the ceremony in a luxurious house in California after two years of engagement and many years of relationship. A couple happy news in may, telling the newspaper People that they’re expecting their first child together — a boy.