Сын Михаила Пореченкова откладывает свадьбу из-за проблем с документами The heir of a famous actor cannot obtain a temporary residence permit. The son of Mikhail Porechenkov, Vladimir is going to move to Russia. For this, he is going to issue all the necessary paperwork and hoped it was here to marry the beloved.
Сын Михаила Пореченкова откладывает свадьбу из-за проблем с документами

In the family the eldest of five children of Michael Porechenkova, 27-year-old Vladimir Lyubimtsev, a joyful event: a young man decided to formalize the relationship with the choreographer Julia fall. They live in Tallinn, raising a two-year Miloslava is the only granddaughter of the actor.

Last week, Vladimir and his girlfriend filed an application to the Registrar, but there is a problem that prevents them from becoming husband and wife.

Сын Михаила Пореченкова откладывает свадьбу из-за проблем с документами“We with Vova and daughter want to move to Russia, – says Julia “StarHit”. – He wants to celebrate a wedding in Moscow, this is not surprising because all of his relatives there. Otgulyaem celebration, and then plan to stay for a few years. But the Estonian authorities have not issued Vova permission for temporary residence in Russia. And without it it is impossible to find a job, to give Miloslava in kindergarten. And the local authorities that the quota is over, it is still kind of a problem… We are on your example, I was convinced that all the jokes about the slowness of this people true. Waiting for the end of August and I really hope that this time we’ll get the paperwork”.
Сын Михаила Пореченкова откладывает свадьбу из-за проблем с документами

The family wants to move to miloslava as often as possible seen with well-known grandfather.

“They had a very loving relationship, miss each other, so we try at the first opportunity to go to Moscow, for that you need a short visa,” – says Julia.

On the illegitimate son of Mikhail Porechenkov became known in 2009, when the artist mentioned the heir to one of the TV transmission. Now the actor is trying to support Vladimir recently helped him with the purchase of their own homes.

Vladimir is in regular contact with his son.

“It is, in my opinion, calmer, more collected. It helps him, because the theatre is a service in the army. I find it difficult to keep track of everything, all the time: shows, shooting, movies. Time is running out, but there are days for which I am canceling everything: it is first and foremost the birthdays of loved ones. We will organize a big celebration, going to the table,” – said the actor “StarHit”.