Кети Топурия сумела стать подругой для падчерицы The singer talked about the relationship with the eldest daughter of the spouse. 16-year-old Sonia famous stepmother respects and listens to her advice. In addition, the girl with lots of love refers to the little daughter of his father and Katie Topuria Olivia.

      Кети Топурия сумела стать подругой для падчерицы

      A few manage to build the correct communication their second halves with the heirs from previous marriages, and wife Katie Topuria managed it. Leo gaykhman has a daughter from a previous relationship. When A’studio soloist married him, daughter of a businessman Sonya was 11 years old. Despite the fact that this is the age when parents have with children is not easy, the girl got along great with his beloved father. And now that Sophia is older, it with Katie even managed to become friends.

      Besides, the girl in love-sister Olivia, who is now 11 months. Baby is growing very cheerful and active, and therefore, all who are somehow in contact with her, can not remain indifferent. It happened with elder sister’s daughter Katie.

      “In the beginning, when Olivia wasn’t born yet, Sonia was a little bit jealous – she talked about it – shared Topuria. – But then it’s gone. Now they have such a love! Sonia beauty, she is already sixteen, she grew up so much! Look at her baby pictures, and the eye is pleased, because Olivia’s a lot like her. So, too, will be beauty”.
      Кети Топурия сумела стать подругой для падчерицы

      It is known that the daughter of Leo Gahman getting an education abroad. There the teenager formed his social circle, new Hobbies, and in the whole of Switzerland it has an active life. Katie shared with reporters that he was amazed when he heard Sofia plays the piano, because you can do it, no one ever forced. In short, the artist is enough reason to be proud of his stepdaughter.

      Кети Топурия сумела стать подругой для падчерицы

      “I think I’m the perfect stepmother! said A’studio soloist in an interview with OK! . – Stepdaughter and I have perfect. She was always outgoing and kind child. At the time, we immediately found a common language and became a tight-knit family. And now, when she grew up talking for, like close friends, always consult. I am very pleased that it’s important for her my opinion.”

      Keti Topuria showed striking similarity daughter with her husband

      Keti Topuria became an example not only for the younger generation, but also for adult women. In the microblog stars and then there are numerous questions from young mothers about how she manages to continue singing career, build a successful business that’s associated with fashionable clothing and thus do very little daughter. Yet Katie is a lack of energy and strength, in her confessions, because she loves what he is doing.

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