Екатерина Архарова не считает Марата Башарова человеком Russian actress does not want to remember about the former husband, with whom they divorced in 2015. According to star, her ex-husband no longer exists and died. Ancharovoj hate to talk about Bacharova, as it caused her much pain.

      Екатерина Архарова не считает Марата Башарова человеком

      Catherine Arkharov visited the premiere of the film “Race-Italian”, which was held in Barvikha. At the screening, the actress has appeared in proud loneliness, which caused numerous questions from journalists.

      The star is considered a rare visitor of social events, however she could not miss the presentation of the picture about Italy, since the age of 14 she was living in this Sunny country. Besides, the film starred her friend Francesca Rettondini. Arkharov worked with her on her first Italian film “Night youth”.

      Representatives of one of the publications asked how Catherine refers to the fact that her ex-husband Marat Basharov will soon become a father. The actor and his new girlfriend Elizabeth, Sevirova are expecting a baby. Marat Basharov and his fiancee are preparing to become parents

      “I this person is so uninteresting, even unpleasant to discuss everything that is connected with it. Everyone goes his own way and gets his lessons, but with regard to this specific person, if you can call it that, it is for me no longer exists, died,” – said the actress about the former wife.

      Have Ancharovoj have good reason not to remember the ex-spouse. We will remind, Marat and Catherine were married may 31, 2014. Their wedding became a sensational event that was written about all the Russian Newspapers. However, the marriage of the actors reached a year. In October 2014 Arkharov went to the hospital, as her husband cruelly beat her. Pictures broken nose actress, bruises and hematomas shocked all Internet users.

      In March 2015, stars divorced through the world court Babushkinsky district. Since then, the actor has been seen several times with new women, and Catherine chose to go abroad to recuperate. Some time after the divorce with Marat doctors discovered she had a brain tumor the size of 1.5 cm. The star was diagnosed with post-traumatic meningioma of the brain”. This verdict provoked doctors talk about the fact that the blame for the consequences of injuries received Arkharov after the accident, when her husband raised her hand.

      Catherine arkharova: “I dream to be healthy and happy”

      Despite the fact that marital life of the actress did not work out, she’s not giving up. Catherine hopes to be able again to love a man, and sooner or later it will be able to find a soul mate. “Love has no age, no religion, no nationality, no social status, all individually, I loved Russians, and Italians. The main thing – to find her” – said Arkharov reporters Prozvezd.

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