Ольга Бузова создаст свой парфюм The new fragrance will smell the pages of a book written by the presenter. Celebrity responsibly approached the case. Olga Buzova went to Germany to meet the author of the legendary perfumes of famous brands.

      Ольга Бузова создаст свой парфюм

      Olga Buzova is preparing to revolutionize the world of domestic print – very soon, in the hands of its fans will be the first Russian flavored book. To create your own unique smell 30-year-old host of the popular project “Dom-2” went to Berlin. In the German capital, the girl met with the aroma-genius, author of the legendary fragrances Estée Lauder, Tom Ford, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren, Christophe Ludmilam.

      “Just imagine, you open the book, and the air immediately fills with a wonderful aroma. It gives a feeling of mild euphoria and include somewhere inside of you a little sun, which gives heat and light. I want to give this miracle to every reader his book”, – has shared joyful emotions Buzova with “StarHit”. – Very soon will make a video on the visit, where to tell what will be its flavor, and how Christophe and “conjured” over it”.

      In 2006, Mr. Laudamiel created fifteen flavors for fans of the legendary film adaptation of the novel “Perfume”, based on the recipes described in the book by Patrick Suskind. Wonderful smells filled the halls and during the first performances of the famous film “the Lord of the rings”. What will be the fragrance created for Olga Buzova, while we can only guess.

      Ольга Бузова создаст свой парфюм

      However, your preferences the presenter repeatedly told herself. For example, according to star, she likes perfume, belonging to the floral Oriental group with hints of almond, black currant, Jasmine, vanilla and patchouli. Often treasured bottles star presents her husband, the second Vice-captain of the Moscow “Locomotive”, footballer Dmitry Tarasov.

      As recently confessed Olga, her book is absolutely autobiographical and the most outspoken. “I can no longer remain silent,” wrote TV presenter in his microblog, announcing his new creation. According to rumors, the star was so immersed in the creation of a future best seller that, at times, he even forgot to eat. Many fans are still wondering what will be devoted to scented page. Young ladies who aspire to be like his idol, do not lose hope, which, of course, the book will be devoted to the most important in the life of a charismatic Buzova – love.

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