Кети Топурия устроила праздник дочери в Италии  The singer celebrated the first year of life Olivia. Keti Topuria whole family went abroad and organized a great celebration in honor of the little girl. Fans also sent many congratulations to the heiress of a celebrity.

      Кети Топурия устроила праздник дочери в Италии

      Exactly a year ago on 15 June the popular singer, soloist of group A’studio Katie Topuria, gave birth to a daughter. The actress and her husband Leo, gaykhman gave the child an unusual name – Olivia. Now Katie with her husband celebrating the first important date in the life of baby – birthday. Chic celebration of the singer and her husband decided to make not in Moscow, and in Sunny Italy.

      In honor of the significant event, the parents ordered a fancy cake for her daughter. But, judging by the video, which was published by Katie, little Olivia was drawn to a confection. She is more happy to respond on soap bubbles, show of animators and guests of the festival.

      “Happy birthday my little Princess. I love you more than life,” wrote Topuria in the microblog.

      Video published by Keti Topuria (@keti_one_official) Jun 15 2016 at 4:48 PDT

      Fans were quick to send their warm wishes to the baby. They are happy for the fact that Topuria and Gahman growing up such a great daughter.

      Keti Topuria showed a striking similarity daughter with her husband

      “Katie, congratulations! Happiness and health to Olivia. She has a great mommy”, “happy birthday, Olivia! All the best and be the happiest baby!”, “Already? How quickly time flies! Happy birthday little Livi!”, “As if just recently we saw a little foot, the first photo of your daughter. So big already! Happiness, love and health!”, – wished the fans of the daughter of the singer.

      Among the fans of the one-year-old daughter Topuria was already known as a fashionista. For first birthday baby Kathy chose a light dress in colors. The singer admitted that the birth of my daughter completely changed her life. It is the birth of the baby inspired the singer to reveal the talent of the designer. After the artist was unable to find suitable clothes for her child, she decided to create such clothes that would completely fit her taste. She also decided to make other moms who would like to make children look stylish and fashionable.

      For wife Katie Olivia was the second daughter. He also brings 16-year-old Sophia, with which the singer has managed to establish a great relationship. Despite the fact that the young girl at first jealous of the little sister, but after the Olivia in the light, loved her with all my heart. Keti Topuria managed to become friends with stepdaughter

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