Дженнифер Энистон подозревают в беременности Western media reported that the Hollywood actress is going to become a mother. However, the star refuses any comments. Fans are in anticipation of the possible appearance of an heir Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux.

      Дженнифер Энистон подозревают в беременности

      47-year-old Jennifer aniston’s having a great time with her husband Justin Theroux in the Bahamas. A couple sunbathes, swims in the ocean and enjoying each other’s company. The couple look quite happy and never leave each other alone. However, the public attention attracted not a family idyll celebrities, and markedly changed the figure of the Hollywood star. From the watchful eye of the paparazzi slipped slightly rounded tummy aniston, reporters came to the conclusion that the actress is expecting a child.

      Many fans around the world rejoice at the news of the pregnancy of the star, because the actress and her partner have been dreaming about the children, because 47-year-old Hollywood diva is still no heirs.

      Last autumn it became known that Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux secretly were married. They did not draw public attention to an important event in their lives. Celebrity decided to do without prying eyes at the wedding ceremony, arranging a closed holiday for the family, which had accumulated 70 people. Invited guests were strictly forbidden to take photos or videos.

      Only after a while friends stopped to hide the mysterious marriage. A mutual friend Jennifer and Justin, the actress Whitney Cummings declassified in a popular American TV show that received quite an unexpected way – via email. Moreover, it called not just for a wedding, a party on the occasion of the birthday Theroux. Guests were warned that phones and other gadgets during the celebration they will be confiscated. That is what gave the girl the idea that there will be a special celebration.

      Among close friends of the couple were colleagues Jennifer – Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Lisa Kudrow and other Hollywood actors. After marriage fans began to dream about what the new family must have an heir. However, according to the publication, MailOnline, the Hollywood star had no immediate comment on information about pregnancy aniston, leaving fans confused.

      And recently in the family, Jennifer was a tragedy. Her mother Nancy passed away at 80 years old. Despite the resentment that aniston was kept on the native person, it still performed its duty and conducted a parent in the last journey. The mother of the Hollywood star suffered a serious illness, and doctors predicted that Nancy has left to live for long. After the woman learned about the terrible diagnosis, she wanted to talk to Jennifer, but she refused.

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