Валерий Николаев публично покаялся The actor recorded a video message which was posted on social networks by his wife Elvira Zemskova. In the video Nikolaev apologizes for all the offences which he had committed, and explains that he had problems with mental health.

      For a long time did not abate the scandals of the outrageous behavior of the actor Valery Nikolaeva. The movie star fell into the crime reports, became involved in a road accident and was serving ten days in prison.

      During one of the accidents Nikolaev brought down the woman on the tram tracks. When the actor was detained by police, the star of the series “Bourgeois’s birthday” rendered insubordination to law enforcement officers. He did not get out of the car and pressed on the gas, despite the fact that before the hood was a police officer and tried to stop him from leaving.

      Downed Valery Nikolaev the woman told about the accident

      Due to problems with the law in family life Valeria the problems started. His wife Elvira Zemskova filed for divorce with him as he is no longer able to tolerate the antics of the wife. However, later the actor denied the information about the break-up with your beloved. It Zemskova posted on the social network video, in which Nikolaev apologizes for what he did for the last time.

      “I appeal to anyone who has followed the recent events in my life. I’m really sorry. For a long time I was in a deep state of stress, suffered from insomnia and nervous tension. In my mind, apparently, messed up the lives of the characters on the screen and real life. And with the role of a normal person I can’t handle. Now the experts help to give me back the psychological and moral health. I see and understand that was out of line, especially against police officers who acted within the law,” – says Valery.

      Nikolaev admitted that he disappointed his fans, upset wife, harmed injured in an accident. In the video, he sincerely apologizes to all. The actor has promised that such will never happen again, because he never deliberately did not want to break the law and cause harm to anyone. Friends of the actor associated the whole incident with the stresses that Valery was exposed due to family conflicts and a busy work schedule. According to colleagues, recently the movie star was depressed, so he sometimes showed excessive aggression towards people.

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