Keti Topuria fully naked in Cyprus

Кети Топурия полностью обнажилась на Кипре The singer posted the caller. Keti Topuria went for may holidays to unwind at a popular European resort. She freelanced so much that he took off all his clothes.

      Кети Топурия полностью обнажилась на Кипре

      Many stars in early may, went to rest on the best sea coast to gain strength before the summer season, during which they will tour the resort towns. Keti Topuria was no exception. Singer chose to leave the pearl of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

      Old Nicosia revealed their hot embrace the singer and her family. The star was greeted by bright sun and blue sky. All artist go directly to the azure coast. Apparently, this stunning landscape was so inspired by Katie that she had decided to throw off all the clothes and surrender to nature right on the balcony of the hotel. It is this moment captured in the photo that the singer posted on his page in Instagram.

      It is worth noting that the Nude picture star created a furor among her fans. By the way, on the microblogging Katie signed more than a million users, many of whom took the trouble to put her likes and make compliments. “Babe, nothing to add. Keep it up,” “Stop the moment! You are beautiful,” they wrote. An old friend Topuria, singer Emin Agalarov, joked about the time at the pool under the balcony a crowd of onlookers. “I know how to attract attention,” replied Katie.

      It is noteworthy that the soloist of the group “A-Studio” has recently been dissatisfied with their appearance. Katie, who last year for the first time became a mother, hard lose weight after giving birth. The results delight the fans, but Topuria still seeks out his shortcomings.

      Through proper diet and sports, after just four and a half months after the birth of her daughter Olivia, the singer began to look like before pregnancy. However, doing samoedstvom, Katie claimed that she still have to work hard, because the figure is far from perfect. “I got three kilos! complained Topuria couple of months ago the authors of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV. – It seems that I’m fine, but I know that it is not. Can’t get into things the size of XS, there is work to do”.

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