Keti Topuria and Baigali Serkebayev has supported young musicians

Кети Топурия и Байгали Серкебаев поддержали молодых музыкантов
Moscow hosted a vibrant party with the participation of A STUDIO.

Кети Топурия и Байгали Серкебаев поддержали молодых музыкантов

In the restaurant “Satrapezo” THE JIGITS team gathered friends and colleagues
the music workshop. The occasion was a pleasant presentation video for the new
“Farscape” was written in the spring of this year, clip on
really for several weeks in rotation on TV, is gaining popularity.

The host of the event, witty and charming Anton Yuryev, a leading
Russian Radio — the whole evening was lit and the guests were entertained. Among them
was: A’studio, Alexander Panayotov, Yulia Mikhalchik, Irakli Pirtskhalava,
Roman Koshkarov, a popular blogger – Sasha Spielberg.

“THE JIGITS” as always managed to create that warm atmosphere that
the guests stayed until the morning. They sang some of their
songs: “Cupid”, “this night”, “Stop”. Also sounded fun hits from
project “Main Stage” and of course songs of the band A’studio executed
together with the Keti Topuria and Baigali by Serkebaeva.