How chubby we were! Panayotov showed a photo from 10 years ago

Как пухленьки мы были! Панайотов показал фото 10-летней давности

Member of the “Voices” told how conquered Moscow in the early 2000s.

His performance of the song Celine Dion “All by Myself” in the blind auditions he not only unfolded the chairs of the mentors, but also caused a real stir on the Internet. Video performance on Youtube has already been seen by more than 3,000,000 people. However, this is not the first time Panayotov tries to reach the Russian stage. About how the singer conquered the capital ten years ago, he said on his page on the social network, and even boasted transformations in appearance.

On pictures 2002, posted by Alexander, they want chubby boy with the innocent eyes is difficult to recognize the current star of “the Voice”.

“14 years ago I first came to Moscow, signed the pictures Panayotov. — Pass through the turnstiles in the Moscow metro was then the tokens. Remember when going to Kiev to go to Moscow for the first time, found a home token (someone brought it back from Moscow and gave as a souvenir). And I thought to myself: this is how Moscow pass through the turnstile so Moscow me and accept. And what was my surprise when in a magical moment of bombarding token turnstile is broken. I immediately sensed that this city is not really me and waited… But I’m “invincible” was already a confident and rushed to a Moscow vault, thinking that all will certainly be OK. Okay not happened. The contest “Become a star”, unfortunately for me back then and luckily for me, present for me ended in nothing. Not counting the wonderful people that are friends even to this day. He returned to Kiev. Now a little. And realized that I need to go back. I won’t give up without a fight… it was 2003…” P. S. Yeah. Mother fed to be healthy. It turned out that among the subscribers Panayotov a lot of people who remember him from “Become the artist”. Immediately after the publication of the post on the singer immediately inundated with comments from the category of “you’re Finally back!” “How long have we waited for you”.

Meanwhile Panayotov continued to present its success story and told him about the second attempt to rein in the rebellious capital, with its world of show business. It is worth noting that in 2003, referred to in the following message of the artist, his cute cheeks have disappeared.

“A year later, in 2003, a second-class carriage all the way back to Kiev, I again arrived to Moscow, – Alexander continues. — Came to the casting “people’s artist”. Came not alone. With Ksana Sergienko (then we went to the same University in Kiev). There was no money at all. There was nothing to see, and had nowhere to live. And auditions dragged on for two long days. The hotel was for us with Xana not afford, and we spent the night in the Park at VDNKH on the bench. The coldest nights of our lives. But it is not forgotten. I passed. Then it was all so fast. Ivan Urgant, Thekla Thick, Larisa Dolina, Anton Komolov, Jack Friedland, Kim Breitburg, Tigran Keosayan. And my wonderful children, my sisters and brothers in the competition, my family. When we were young, green and believed in a bright and cloudless future. Naive. Although it was at first…”

Panayotov has promised that will continue to please subscribers my autobiography, laying it in parts. Those who can’t wait to read the story of the artist all at once, go to the following link and read Alexander’s interview for Woman’s Day.