Кендра Вилкинсон не желает. чтобы её дочь шла по её стопам

The star of the erotic edition of Playboy Kendra Wilkinson really did not want her daughter, Eli followed in her footsteps and became a model for such a magazine. The woman promises to do everything in her power to protect the child from a false step, but if the girl is determined to prevent the shooting of mother is not.

“I will not categorically forbid her making her own mistakes, I’ll just tell her what could end up posing for Playboy, but if my daughter will have a firm decision, I will not interfere. In our house, everyone is free to decide what to do, this place is the spirit of freedom. If so she will want to prove themselves and Express themselves – well, so be it. It’s her life,” says Kendra.
In addition to a three-year Alii with her husband Hank Buscetta, a former NFL player, Wilkinson also brings seven years of Hank
“I’m not one of those parents who always keep their children with them. Let them do what they want, if they need it. I’m here only to love them and support them, and when they grow up – I’ll let them go into the world with a calm heart. I will educate them so that they understand what dangers await them, and was ready for them, limit their freedom or their choice I’m not going,” says Kendra.