Келли Осборн отомстила любовнице отца, разрушившей их семью

The daughter of famous musician Ozzy Osbourne has decided to revenge his mistress.

On his Twitter page, Kelly Osborne published the phone number of a woman who, according to her, was the reason that her parents decided to divorce after 33 years of marriage.

“If you need cheap sexual services, call this number”, — signed Kelly. The room was soon blocked, and the 31-year-old Osborne was showered with a barrage of accusations.

Netizens believed that the Junior Osborne was very wrong and dishonest. According to most, the collapse of the Osborne family first of all blame themselves Ozzy and Sharon, and in the last instance the woman for solace went musician.

Kelly did not remain silent and on the comments of the detractors replied very sharply in form.

“Hate your father and not the woman. After all, he had something to do with your family Again…” — addressed to the star, one of podeschi in the social network. “And you’re part of my family? – asked Kelly. – No. And you have no idea what she did. So give your important opinion to yourself. My father almost 70 years. Have you ever heard about abuse of the elderly?”

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