Keira Knightley scandal after the incident at the airport

Дмитрий Дюжев устроил скандал после инцидента в аэропорту The actor wasn’t lost in the queue for boarding the plane. He spoke about the situation on air of the Latvian television. Star of theatre and film offended on the Russian audience, saying that they don’t deserve quality films.
Дмитрий Дюжев устроил скандал после инцидента в аэропорту

He said Latvian journalist about the incident, which happened in a Russian airport. The actor bought a ticket, business class and wanted to go forward, past the queue of other passengers in economy class. However, a fellow artist asked him to get in the end. The star of the series, was outraged by such attitude.

“What do I do with you? What might be the dialogue? The artist and the viewer, the politician and the voter — what do I talk to you? I for your leisure life at risk. How many cases! We almost crashed the plane! The scar on my hand, because in the swamp was a tin pin. It’s always a risk to life. Forget you people love, they waiting for your release. Or pound his chest. Perish now, but be the best, be on top, do not let hypocrisy! And then, I find myself among you, the audience. And my place in the last car?” – Dmitry was indignant on air of the Latvian program “No offense”.

Dyuzhev said that he was ashamed when he had to go to the end of the queue. According to the actor, he tried to explain to the passengers: he had a ticket in business class, worth several times more expensive, so it has the right to pass first. However, the word artist is not persuaded companions.

Dyuzhev concluded his story, saying that the Russian audience with a similar attitude to the actors deserve only low-grade films and TV series.

“It is right that you do this kind of crap, bullshit, series cheap and worthless. You deserve it. I thought you were decent, cultural, educated people. The Russians”, – said Dmitry.

Later he explained his statement in the air of the Latvian TV channel. According to the actor, it was a provocation of unfair journalists, he didn’t want to offend anyone.

“I faithfully serve as his audience for over 20 years. Adore and love it – this is my profession and my life. But sometimes, rarely, but believe me, sometimes I feel like, not to forget that actors are people too. Strange but true. We’re tired, love, cry and die the same as you. And we deserve the same, I didn’t more notice, respect”, – told the artist to fans.