Mikhail Zadornov last farewell in Riga

Михаила Задорнова проводили в последний путь в Риге In Latvia took place the funeral. The body of Mikhail Zadornov will be laid to rest next to his father, who died in 1992. The famous satirist was only 69 years old. The last time he fought with cancer.

Today in the Latvian capital Riga hosted the farewell to a famous humorist Mikhail Zadornov. First, the family, friends and fans of the satirist arrived at the funeral service in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and in Jurmala in Jaundubulti cemetery funeral. The family decided that the body was buried near the grave of his father.

Last farewell to Mikhail Zadornov came his daughter Elena, the widow Elena Bombina and former wife Velta Zadornov.

“Today. Now. Shut up and cry together… smile And light…” – such inscription appeared on the page of the fan club of the famous satirist.

Many people still can not accept the loss of a famous comedian. Fans do not hide that they are constantly reviewing the performances of the artist and consider his reasoning and vision, about which he says in his monologues, it is very accurate and capacious. “He was an honest voice” colleagues and friends mourn the deceased Zadornov

“In memory of forever in our hearts! Good and fruitful life lived Michael. Was bright, intelligent, wise and kind person. He knew how to laugh and not allowed to be depressed. Many gave necessary and useful to people. Helped a lot of people. Awakened interest in history, his native language. Taught to love their native. For all heartfelt thanks!”, “Goodbye, Mikhail! We will have to remember to revise your shows and movies, thank you for your good deeds!”, “Not aware until now of loss. Eyes looking for a Billboard with the speech. Zadornov can’t die, Mikhail Zadornov is life with all its mishaps and incredible events! When he left the one who always laughed with everyone else at a loss. May God embrace the soul! Let it be his place in Paradise,” wrote admirers of Zadornov.

Recently Mikhail has struggled with cancer – cancer of the brain. Some media reported that this summer he refused treatment, but his colleague Maxim Galkin denied this statement. He said that the satirist have tried various methods, including resorted to alternative medicine.

The artist retorted to a journalist who criticized Mikhail Zadornov

On Sunday in Moscow hosted a farewell to Mikhail Zadornov. Despite the fact that the satirist bequeathed to make a closed ceremony, which should appear only friends and relatives, fans also gathered at the entrance of the morgue. Only after a couple hours they were able to go inside and say goodbye to a favorite artist.

In the capital of Latvia gathered more than 400 people that decided to honor Zadornov. According to the publication “gazety” at the farewell ceremony came the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov and his wife.