Кира Найтли раскритиковала Кейт Миддлтон

Keira Knightley continues to open up. The actress has published essays on motherhood, which is unexpected for many has criticized Kate Middleton!

Talking about the first months of life of her daughter, Edie, Kyra touched on the topic of childbirth and criticized Kate Middleton. The fact that almost immediately after birth, the Duchess appeared in public together with her newborn baby and Prince William. “She came out of the hospital seven hours after giving birth, wearing makeup, high heels. Why hide and mask the pain when your body is torn apart, the chest is flowing and hormones are raging? To look beautiful and stylish in front of a bunch of men photographers? Seven hours later, after your struggle with life and death, Kate. Seven hours after your body was broken and from it came a bloody, screaming life? Don’t show your face! Don’t tell me!”

Interestingly, Knightley gave birth to a daughter the day before Kate — the Princess Charlotte. The essay became part of the collection “Feminists don’t wear pink (and other fallacies)”. Kira it also describes in detail the experience of their own births, breastfeeding and the pain they brought.

The theme of feminism Kira touched on in earlier interviews. Says the actress, with years of experience in historical dramas, in her opinion, women are treated better. “I’m not in modern stories because the female characters there’s almost always rape. I always find something unpleasant in the depicted woman. And historical, on the contrary, inspire me. Sometimes I fall into the hands of a scenario about the present in which the heroine is not raped on the first five pages, and it is not just a loving girlfriend or wife. Feel that things are changing for the better,” Knightley said in an interview.

Knightley believes that modern cinema has room to grow. In her opinion, the woman should pay more attention and create more “strong and multi-level roles.” Amid the scandal in Hollywood journalist could not help but ask about his personal attitude to the female harassment. “I knew about the culture of silence surrounding abuse of women. Knew that the men in the movie business allowed to behave completely differently than women,” says Knightley.