Ex-girlfriends of Cristiano Ronaldo can save him from prison

Бывшие девушки Криштиану Роналду могут спасти его от тюрьмы

In a matter of days around the striker of the national team of Portugal and of the Italian “Juventus” Cristiano Ronaldo turned a huge scandal. Solely by denying the player has not done. Ronaldo was already suspended from a few matches, and companies with which the player cooperates, already thinking over the termination of contracts. And all because of charges model Katherine smacked silly by Mayorga, who claims that in 2009, the football player raped her.

Ronaldo may go to jail, which will now to battle known lawyer, David Chesnoff. He argues that to open the case only on charges smacked silly by Mayorga should not be better to interview the other girls, with whom Ronaldo was a love relationship.

The main “witness” will be Gemma Atkinson — she dated Ronaldo in 2007. In addition, witnesses can become Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Irina Shayk, reports the Mirror. According to counsel, ex-girlfriends knew Ronaldo and it will help clear picture of the behavior of the player.

We will remind, last week against the football player were accused of sexual abuse. In his blog Cristiano immediately responded to the allegations and assured fans all slander. But the police of Las Vegas doesn’t think so and he resumed legal proceedings against Cristiano.

Cristiano promised the fans that will press charges of slander the German newspaper Der Spiegel, which broke the story about sexual abuse by the star. The American edition of the New York Times recently reported that the footballer will now have to not only play the role of the Prosecutor, but the accused. Thanks to the personal blog of journalist BBC Dan roan the society were able to see firsthand a statement against the stars.

Following the statement, for the first time to the police the victim approached in June 2009, though then she did not name the rapist. At the end of September 2018, and that is the other day, it was decided to resume. By the way, the solution that it comes to Ronaldo was put forward by the media. so what about the veracity of the claim earlier, because the statement of the victim and Cristiano was not specified. In the case became “detectives”. In 2010, the star, according to the publication Der Spiegel, paid 375 thousand dollars to the woman accusing him of rape, and that by the time the case was closed. Coincidence? The media don’t think so. The same paper last Friday and called the name of the alleged victim is 34-year-old Catherine Mirage who decided to break the deal to disclose. And denyuzhku then left.