Keanu Reeves marries Alexandra Grant The actor is happy with his chosen one.

Keanu Reeves marries Alexandra Grant Keanu Reeves' personal life story is quite tragic . The actor has never been married, but dreamed of becoming a father. In early 2000, he and Jennifer Syme were due to have a daughter. However, a month before the birth, the baby's heart stopped beating. Two years later, Jennifer died in a car accident. Her jeep lost control and rammed three cars. The girl was not wearing a seatbelt and flew out through the windshield. According to Keanu, this was the cause of her death. It was hard for him to take the loss, and after the incident, the actor made a social video about the importance of wearing a seat belt. jpg” alt=”Keanu Reeves marries Alexandra Grant” />

Since then, little has been known about Keanu's personal life. Only in 2019 did he introduce his chosen one to the public. She became the artist Alexandra Grant. Since then, they have infrequently demonstrated their relationship and rarely appeared on the red carpet. But a year ago there were rumors about their engagement. And now, the couple's acquaintances have reported that the lovers are planning to get married in the summer. Arranging a magnificent celebration is not in their style, so the ceremony is planned in a calm atmosphere without unnecessary noise. Their relatives and close friends will be invited there.

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